(1978) SOLO DRUM RECORD ! M&K REALTIME RECORDS (direct to disk) RT 106 Recorded direct to disk with the acetates immediately flown to Germany and pressed by Teldec. This twelve inch record plays at 45 rpm for maximum fidelity. Produced by Ken Kreisel as a demo for his companies' high-end audiophile speakers it was critically acclaimed in the prestigious audiophile mag Absolute Sound. Ed and Earl Hines on side one, just Ed! on side two.

Eddie Graham

Eddie Graham has toured and recorded with many of America's legendary Jazz Artists. Starting in the mid-seventies when he left the showrooms of Las Vegas to tour with Earl "Fatha" Hines, he has performed internationally with such stars as Stan Getz, Herb Ellis, Benny Carter, as well as several Louis Armstrong alumnae including Trummy Young, Dick Cary, and Joe Muranyi.

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